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February Update 2017

February 2017 Newsletter Update

Welcome to Nevdon’s Newsletter

WOW mid February already, again looks like this year will zoom past fast.

We hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year, ready to step into the New Year with a great positive attitude, self-control and a good healthy life throughout 2017.

Both Neville and I are back on board; Neville in the clinic (part time) and I’m again tapping away at the keys and answering phones to help with any inquiries.

Important notice

We have had some clients and customers ringing in to see if the Nevdon website is open and operating.

Yes we are fully open to the purchases of Remedies and Existing Client Health Help

Due to our 2 week shut down over Christmas and New Year, our notice that was displayed in RED apparently has held in some accounts / places on your computer.
PLEASE NOTE you must log off your account in Nevdon and reboot to disable this message and command.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, this was the first time we totally shut everything down and had some time off.

Once again we must advise

Neville’s hours in the clinic are REDUCING hence we have revised our Client policy.
I have inserted a link back to our website as to our new revised policy for you to read and follow up on.

Kind Regards to all be safe and stay healthy and don’t forget to rub those Remedies in.

Please do not respond to this email

Just a quick update click here for the new policies

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