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Genopathic Quick Guide

Genopathic Remedies


A Product of Nevdon

A.I.R-E                               (Auto Immune Response)

Anti O-E                            (Antioxidant)                                                                     

Calcium-E                         (Multi-Mineral)                                                                  

CO Q 10 + P-E                  (Heart & Circulation)                                   

C Z-E                                  (Mutations of Cells)  

 DHA-Thyroid-E               (Thyroid & Essential Oil)

DNA-RNA-E                      (Cell Molecule)

 Healing Cream               (Damaged Skin)

 Hormonal-E                    (Hormonal)                                                                           

 Kidney-E                          (Disorders)                                                                            

Lacto-E                             (Digestive)

LHC-E                                (Liquid Healing Cream)

Liver-CHL-E                      (Liver & Cholesterol)

Mega Vit-E                       (Multi Vitamin/Mineral)

MSM-E                             (Blood Cleaner)

Nano-Vit B+C-E               (Bacterial)                                                            

Neuro-E                            (Brain/Stress)

P+D-E                                (Blood Sugars)

Prostate-E                       (Prostate)                                                                           

RBC-E                                (Red Blood Cells)

 Super G + A-E                 (Cellular Sugars/Viruses)

Un Loc-E                          (Oxygen Release)

Vit C-E                              (Vitamin C)                             

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