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June 2016 News Letter

Welcome to Nevdon June Newsletter.

Well, it is that time of the year when the weather gets colder and we feel older.
Our bones are not as young and easy to run, so time for the warmth and sun.
Also time for Neville to research and regain strength, to pass on at arms length.

Our clinic is closed from 12th June 2016 and will reopen 23rd September 2016.
Our website will be available for Remedies, Health Help and contact.


New Health Help and Existing Distant Help will not be available from these dates due to family commitments. 
23-6-16 to 4-8-16
Nevdon Remedy orders via our website will still be dispatched over this period.

Orders will be dispatched at a minimum of twice a week over the clinic closure period including the dates 23-6-16 to 4-8-16. Please note our parcels are via Courier Post, which always require a signature to collect. If you’re not home when the courier arrives, Courier Post will leave a collection card with instructions for collection.If you would like your courier parcel left at your address without a signature you can arrange a signed authority directly with Courier Post to have your parcel left at your address at your discretion. Please do not ask or request for your parcel to be left anywhere as this is not our policy nor is it the policy of Courier Post. You pay for signature and Track and trace.

Our Remedy special on our website is Liver CHL-E, a very helpful Remedy for detoxing and lifting energy, clearing headaches and as well maintaining your liver function. If you would like to know more about individual Remedies available on our website, please read the information provided on each page, they are very informative.

Feeling off? Ask yourself:

1. Do I drink enough water (at least 1 and a half to 2 litres a day) no matter if it is winter or summer?

“Hot water, cold water, more water” Neville would always say.

Our bodies are 87% water. We need this vital water intake to function.
To work out how much you should drink for your size, use the following calculation:

Your body weight (Kgs) x 33 = water required in litres
(Put a decimal place after the first number once the calculation is complete)

Example: If you weigh 65 kg: 65 x 33 = 2145
You should be drinking 2.1 litres of water a day.

2. Do you eat and drink whole foods and have good moods.
3. Have you stopped most sugars and especially artificial sweeteners?
4. Do you still use a microwave???
5. Do you exercise? This does not have to be excessive. 20 minutes a day of a little something more (perhaps a walk at lunch) will make a world of difference.
6. Do you give your self, love, care, and time to then be able to share.
7. Are you mindful? In each day, are you actually present in your day, in the moment? Or are you focused (stressed) on your next meeting, tomorrow, a possibility that might not happen, or things at home?

Remember every treatment over the years with Neville, hands on or distant, is your own personal treatment / training,
hope you have listened.

Maybe its time,
To live is to learn
To learn is to live, and then live life longer.

Please do not respond to this newsletter.

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