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I met Neville quite by accident, and he could see immediately that I was in severe pain. I have suffered from lower back problems for over 20 years, during the last 5 years the pains have travelled down my right leg, making it impossible to sit for long periods, and making sleeping/resting in bed quite unbearable. After treatment with Neville, carrying on doing my pressure points regime and using my Genopathic® drops daily I am a new woman, I am not only free from pain, I can walk distances, enjoy my grandchildren, sleep better and feel altogether younger and fitter than I have felt in years. My husband says he has his wife back. I can never thank Neville and Donna enough.

Anne Morris, Port Noarlunga, South Australia. 21/10/13

“Neville and Donna’s Genopathic drops have been part of our daily life including our dogs, horses, and farmlands for the past eight years. The drops have assisted and enhanced our well being immensely. We believe our daily existence simply lives upon and within many arrays of vibrational energy. Every source of life is a vibrational energy source. These Genopathic drops do have an energy source that will help to support your vibrational rhythm and improve your well-being and enhance balance and better health. Our lives are good, our health is well, our animals have beautiful clear eyes and our grass grows well.

Without inner well-being is without inner balance and without inner balance our bodies do struggle to function to full capacity. We sincerely believe in the true benefits from using these Genopathic drops. Most folk in life, will never understand vibrational energy however if you use these drops, “your body will”.”
- Sincerely Jane Davies & Graeme Berry 24/11/08

“I have always been aware of benefits of a healthy diet, having an open and positive mind and living a healthy lifestyle. My association with Neville & Donna has been a wonderful and life changing one. They have helped me to improve my attitude to life and living & knowledge of body, presence of mind and functionality. This has been through a combination of me coming to understand through Neville body anatomy & function and the impact on it through the application of positive energy & thoughts directed to it through the use of their Genopathic drops.

Neville & Donna’s skills have for the past 10 years been used both in respect of myself, my family, our pets, our horses and a constant stream of friends with frequent outstanding results.”
- Jenny Bourke, Val D’Argent, Warmblood Stud, Sydney, Australia. 24/11/08

“Fortunately I have had the pleasure to be able to let Neville and Donna be my natural health practitioners for the last 5 years. Initially I visited them to help get over gout which had afflicted me for 15 years, which was resolved. As a company managing director I have a lifestyle that is always on the go, with a large amount of domestic and international travel. Very much part of my health maintenance programme is a bimonthly visit to Neville and Donna, it has become essential and as a result my overall health has and is improving.

A key component of this regime is the drops which used daily have helped with the whole maintenance program. They have helped ward off the flue, jet lag, colds, brought about a decrease in blood pressure. Every day I administer C O Q 10 + P E (Blood pressure), Super G + P E (anti viral/jet lag recovery) and Vit C E (stress reliever). With the benefits I have seen I have also recommended it to my family and friends who have been using these drops, there is no doubt they work and some excellent health outcomes. Recently a friend with very high blood pressure started using these drops on my advice, his Doctor is now inquiring what are they made of, and he can’t believe their positive effect.

As a result I cannot speak highly enough of the practice and the drops, I feel blessed to have found out and been able to use these natural medicines.”
- Martin Irvine, BA B com 24/11/08

“My family and I have been clients of N & D Natural Health for 10 years now. I know that our health, and indeed our lives would be at a very different juncture had we not had the support from Neville, his vibrational therapy, his herbal remedies and his Genopathic drops. My son began to suffer from a genetically inherited psychological disorder. During this time, we were seeking advice from one of New Zealand’s, leading child psychologists. With the help of DNA RNA E and Neuro E (plus regular vibrational therapy sessions) we were very quickly able to take our son off prescribed Aropax (anti-depressant) and cease visitation with the psychologist – much to his shock and surprise. His symptoms have all but dissipated, and he is growing into a fine young man.

Vitamin C E drops are invaluable daily, with the increased dosage when needed helping keep all but the nastiest viruses at bay. Super G +A E assists in this area too, and is excellent for balancing energy. CO Q 10 + P E has been an invaluable aid in leveling my husband’s blood pressure. I have no hesitation in recommending the benefit of these drops for my family and I. They are tried and true.”
- April Mortimer 24/11/08


“Neville Caseley has been my primary health practitioner for over 20 years. Has healed and supported me through two major (life threatening) crises and has guided me onto the path of good, effective self-care and health management. Neville is practical, supportive and has phenomenal array of knowledge to back his healing modality. I endorse him without reservation for anyone who wants to live as big, bright, bold and fully as possible.

The Genopathic drops that Neville and Donna have developed are the only form of medication that I use. Over time I have been the great full recipient of the powerful balancing and healing these drops bring to the physical body. They are subtle and non-invasive but wickedly effective. In fact, if for any reason, I miss a day or two of application I can really fell the difference.”
- Vivienne Wright. 24/11/08

In 2000 I was a very sick lady & did not know who or what could help me. I had trouble breathing kept coughing all the time & bringing up mucus. I also had tummy pain & upset bowls. I felt dreadful. Then I decided on a different direction. I started using vibrational remedies (drops). These were an important part of my huge improvement.

I still take COQ10+P E - it helped get more oxygen through my body
Liver E CHL - supports & helps my liver
Vit C E - keeps me healthier & don’t seem to get flu etc
Lacto E - Has helped my tummy to settle down
Arthritis - Has made a remarkable change in a dreadful back I used to have
- Fay Costley 24/11/08
We have been seeing Neville regularly for eleven & half years for our health and well being, his advice and “drops” are received well by us, our work is very physical and stress full and with Neville’s recommendations we keep on top of them. Our adult children follow Neville's advice and one son has been in two car accidents with broken bones. Neville’s quick treatment got his body repaired remarkably quickly and back to full potential.
We regularly use the following drops and pills.
Menopausal systems - Hormonal E
Bruising, scraps, bites -Healing Cream
Bloating feeling in abdomen - Lacto E & Executive Digestive Tablets
Bone mending - Calcium E & Un Loc E
General well being - Super G+A E
Circulation and heart balancing -COQ10+P E
Tiredness & Crankiness -Liver E CHL
Dry, tired eyes -Un Loc E

-Tony & Lynn Martens 24/11/08


After many years of being treated by N&D my family and my extended family have had excellent results and hold N&D in the highest esteem.....
In more recent years we have found that the use of the Genopathic drops have given us great results.
We have found them very easy to use, have no side effects, and can be used safely with other medications.
We have no hesitation in recommending the Genopathic drops based on our use of them.

- Y D Findlay
- Gisborne 24/11/08


My husband Simon, first saw Neville 3 years ago after the medication he was taking for
Chronic Myeloid leukaemia started taking a toll on his weight, energy levels and general sense of well being.
After seeing many ‘alternative’ therapists on our journey I have to admit we were both somewhat sceptical, however true to Neville’s word in 24 hours, Simon’s energy levels were through the roof!
Over the next 6 weeks he began to gain weight and his skin returned to a nice natural colour. People began asking Simon what he was doing differently and commenting on how good and healthy he looked (not to mention the improvement how he actually felt)! Not bad for someone living with Leukaemia.
Three years on we are both regular visitors to the clinic every three months, and use the Genopathic drops daily with terrific results.
I have always personally been a little wary of these ‘recommendations’ you read on some sights and in literature, but having personally benefited from Neville’s treatments and seeing the amazing results my husband has had I have no qualms at all in recommending Neville and the use of his amazing wee drops.

-Patrea Rawson 24/11/08

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